Exploring living well in a changing world

There are only two certainties in life, you know that old chestnut… death and taxes; the big question is what to do in the intervening time?


How do we live well in a changing world?

How to hold difficult things in one’s heart (and soul) AND to continue at the same time?

The single biggest lesson from the days death has shown up at my door has been PRESENCE; no running, hiding, burying emotions or crying alone behind closed doors.

I’ve learnt to listen to the honesty of one’s truth, self-compassion and acceptance. I’ve learnt to be present with pain, without judgement and to let go of fear.

I’m here to share my heart and mind with yours and foster discussion in the knowledge that ‘we will all die and we don’t know when’, exploring who we are as we navigate our lives.

When we acknowledge each moment is precious, we change how we navigate and flow in the world. Let’s take each other’s hands and walk this path of discovery together,

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Karen BrittonComment