wholehearted living with loss
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Serving those at end-of-life & their loved ones


Hi, I’m Karen

I serve people and families at end-of-life and those grieving past, present and future losses.

It’s a FREE community service.

I also write on living a nourishing life amid loss and change.


Support for the dying (& their people)

I offer assistance, exploration and resources that support positivity around end-of-life - where death is seen as a sacred rite of passage and approached with reverence and love.


Companioning patients in Raglan

I accompany, companion and support hospice patients (and their families) in their homes, as a volunteer.

I’m also available to sit with non-hospice patients (there is no charge, it is an act of service).


Writing on life, death, grief & transformation

I write for YOU where-ever you are in the world. You’ll find my explorations on living wholeheartedly and navigating the turbulence of dying, grieving as well as resources for the journey.

You turned the catastrophic loss of my beloved son into something I could accept and move forward from with love. Your empathy, compassion and understanding have helped me honour my son’s memory and to grow through grief both personally and spiritually.
— jeanette b